About MedNow

At MedNow,
your care is our top priority.

MedNow is locally owned and operated by Dr. Mark Newton, M.D., a board-certified emergency medical physician. He and his staff are committed to delivering a higher level of prompt, personal, and professional care to clients throughout Georgia.

Strokes, heart attacks, and major trauma are priorities for hospital emergency rooms.  For most other minor treatments, you can save valuable time and money by opting for an immediate telemedicine clinic like us. At MedNow, your care is our top priority.


Healthcare should be simple, fast and uncomplicated.

MedNow offers Georgia residents access to Georgia based providers from the comfort and convenience of their home. MedNow treats minor illnesses through video chat. Stay where you are and get access to quality healthcare without going into the doctor’s office.

What do you do when your doctor’s office is closed and you need medical attention for minor illnesses? With MedNow telemedicine, we provide a fast, affordable alternative when you need immediate care throughout Georgia.